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I am the founder of Amitola, a sanctuary for animals and survivors of abuse, grief, and loss.


As someone who has experienced feelings of worthlessness after abuse, I understand the healing power of connecting with animals when feeling at my lowest. At Amitola, we believe that all animals possess breathtaking intelligence and wisdom. The beautiful animals at our sanctuary offer their love and presence, allowing us to experience oneness with the herd, nature, ourselves, and the creator of All.

The Rainbow is symbolic and carries many different meanings in religions, tribes, nature, communities, stories and people’s hearts.  For me it signifies the closing of a dark chapter and the dawn of a new, Amitola is a Native American name for Rainbow.

Many years ago I was gifted a plaque, No Rain, No Rainbows, after a long period of adversity where I experienced significant violence and abuse, leading to addiction, self harm and low self worth.  My healing journey has been sprinkled with many divinely timed moments such as books, teachers, people and experiences that crossed my path and enriched my life in ways that I will never forget, enabling me to release the pain and stories of the past that no longer served me. This new freedom gifted me reverence for beauty and inspired me to share these self love learnings with women and children whose lives were also affected by trauma, particularly abuse.  

From a young age I have always loved animals. I love their individual characters, their ability to tune in and read our moods, often understanding us better than we do ourselves!  Their beauty, calmness, unconditional love and hugs have kept me going on days when I wanted to give up.  I am at my happiest in nature,  sharing time with animals, family, friends, women and children.  It's a precious gift to witness how love, compassion and animal hugs creates a safe space for healing and transformation.


I know that I am learning the same lessons on a daily basis that I write and teach about.  I grow and change. I am a humble and grateful student of life, excited that you are here.  I hope that one day our paths may cross, that we may meet in person, until then, welcome to the magical world of Amitola Care Farm - Healing With Animals.


With Love,


"Miracles happen when you connect to the Rainbow within and celebrate the beauty of you."  

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