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Shine your radiant light through all that you are.

Sometimes life can feel as if we are standing inside a Bird Cage, small, confining, and even though the way out is obvious it can take many years for us to open the door. The message I share with you today is that it all starts with our first step. Now is the time for internal liberation and the courage to kick open the door and step outside. You may already be on the other side, maybe you feel unsure of your path forwards or feel that the Universe is saying no, when really it is saying there is a better way. Now is the time to trust and to connect to the Divine light within your heart, the lighthouse to guide you and help you navigate any storms you may encounter, to find your way forwards and to also find your way home . Life is encouraging you to let go of the old. To trust and to free yourself from self imposed prisons that would lock you into fearful doubt, this is the time to embrace the new. Feel the birthing of a new dawn inside you. Despite the fear, darkness, chaos and all the news stories that could so easily keep you in the Bird Cage, you have the power to be free in your mind, thoughts, and actions, you have so much to gift to yourself, others, family, communities and the world. Trust. Know you are loved and even though you may not see them know there are many angels to guide you on your journey. You are a divine being of light with unique qualities gifted only to you, here to shine your radiant light through your unique talents and quirky into this beautiful world.

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