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healing with L.O.V.E




We feel privileged to have delivered these programs to over 800 women, primarily those affected by abuse and trauma.


Their lives have been deeply transformed by their participation in these intense and effective programs which takes individuals on an inner journey enabling them to open, explore and release old and limiting personality structures.

This process is designed to break through to new levels of love, awareness and personal empowerment. It is a space of awareness and gratitude which promotes growth through exploring ways to love ourselves, which leads to improved relationships with ourselves and others.

"Katie worked wonders! She built me back up, giving me a life long tool kit that I never knew existed, let alone worked!  I will be forever grateful to Katie as she taught me to love myself, address core beliefs, I learnt how to forgive; regaining my own identity, which was completely lost in the traumas I had been subjected to." Lucy R

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life 

Two day intensive or 10 week study program.


Choose if you have experienced difficulties in your life, feel tired, lacking confidence, lonely, unsure,

low self worth, depressed, anxious, angry, and many other emotions. 


Through group, partners and individual work, you are taken on a journey that explores your inner

and outer world.

This course will help you:


  • An improvement in your relationships with yourself and loved ones

  • Tools to calm yourself, to be still and present

  • Inner resources to meet life’s challenges

  • The capacity to feel your emotions, to listen to the wisdom of your body and to reduce the chatter of the mind

  • Learning how to let go of a fear-based perspective and replace with positive affirmations

  • Gain an understanding of the power of self-love & acceptance

  • Identify and transform negative beliefs

  • Learn how to let go

  • Discover how much you believe you deserve & increase it

  • Release resentments and long held anger

  • Practice forgiveness

  • Increasing your sense of self-worth and compassion

  • An expanded sense of joy and ability to be grateful

During the 2 day intensive workshop, myself and a trained assistant are there to look after you and support you wholeheartedly. You will be free to journey as deep as you need to go, in a safe and nurturing environment. 


2 day intensive workshop - 10am - 4.30 pm for two consecutive days

Ten week study group - 2 hour per week 

Scholarships Are Available: 


In line with Katie Wyatt's mission of making this work accessible to everyone, we have a limited number of scholarships available. 

Testimonials - Cheshire Without Abuse


“At CWA we provide specialist support to people affected by domestic abuse. One of our core activities is recovery work in groups and one to one. 


A major issue is that victims of trauma need to be able to engage with this challenging work with resilience. Many are simply not emotionally strong enough to do so. The No Rain, No Rainbows group tackles this issue by building the confidence, self esteem and resilience of each person, supporting them to take those difficult first steps on their journey to recovery. We are in desperate need of the program in Cheshire which will really strengthen our core work by supporting victims of domestic abuse to learn to prioritize their emotional wellbeing and develop self love and respect.”


Saskia Ritchie - Chief Executive of Cheshire Without Abuse

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life
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Reiki Treatment
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boho journal and mug setup with sage cry
sacred crystal healing strength monument
Reiki Treatment
Heart Shape Tattoo
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