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Are you feeling low and in need of some comfort? Perhaps sadness, loneliness, stress, or fear have taken over. Remember, tough phases don't last forever. Our donkeys are here to offer you unconditional love and hugs. Spending time with them, meditating, brushing, and embracing them can provide reassurance, love, and fulfillment. By doing so, you will release oxytocin in your brain, which is also known as the "happy hormone". This means that after visiting Amitola, you will feel more peaceful in your heart. Let our donkeys help you feel more balanced and joyful.



Are you feeling down, lonely, stressed, or scared? Do you need a hug or some unconditional love? Come and heal with our therapy horses! Our mini horses offer hugs, meditation, and companionship. You can also brush and braid them while they reassure you and fill you up with love. These horses have a lot to teach us and can help you stay present in the moment. Relax and remember who you are and what you want to achieve in life. Experience the magic of Amitola Care Farm.

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Experience the joy and wonder of spending time with our beloved animal friends. In our barnyard, you will find a family of precious goats, chickens, ducks, llamas, cats, and dogs, some of whom have overcome their challenging pasts to find happiness. Delight in the sweet songs of the chickens, the fluffy softness of the llamas, and the playful energy of the goats. Meet Hope, our therapy puppy, and embrace the love and comfort she offers. Allow yourself to let go of your worries and rediscover your inner child as you bask in the laughter, smiles, and joy that await you at Amitola Care Farm.

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Animals have so much to teach, and nature is a perfect classroom to educate children about themselves and the world around them.



Are you planning an event for a group of 50 or more people? We warmly invite you to Amitola Care Farm, where you can enjoy the tranquil outdoor surroundings surrounded by trees, barns, and friendly animals. Our location is perfect for creating a memorable and peaceful experience for your event.



Transforming the lives of people who are healing from abuse, grief or from the loss of a loved one or a significant change in family structure.

Our programs helps build the resiliency of people experiencing life-altering events by providing them with knowledge, tools and skills to practice self-care and learn healthy ways to cope.​


Project ONEness

Our Project ONEness is a mindfulness-based program using the human-animal connection in nature to reinforce the teaching. 


Aimed at young people, Project ONEness has been running since 2020.  By helping children before their problems become too ingrained resulting in the young person going on a downwards trajectory into serious mental health problems, we hope to increase the opportunities available to them and enable them to reach their full potential.

Set in the tranquil surroundings of Amitola Care Farm the aim of our Project ONEness is to bring together animals such as miniature donkey's, miniature horses and young people in nature, with mutual benefit. Young people may have low mood, anxiety, confidence and self-esteem issues or may simply want to learn relaxation techniques and they gain so much from time spent with our herd and nature. This is not therapy in any form; instead an opportunity to teach those people who wish to learn, how to approach things in a different way - in a bid to improve social skills, self-esteem or just to increase their ability to deal with life’s ups and downs. And all of this is done alongside our animals,  with the animals benefitting as the young people also learn to be considerate, calm and compassionate.

The effect our program has had on some young people so far has been described as empowering and transformational.  Some of the young people have reported an ability to control their feelings more (particularly anger) and that they feel more confident. They have been able to learn ways to overcome the day to day problems that they face which, prior to attending our program, would have been impossible. They have been shown to have stronger friendships, to be more adept at maintaining their attention and to learn new skills more easily. They also tend to deal better with the disappointments of daily life.

Our animals and time spent in nature reach the children in a way that conventional teaching methods seem unable to - the  individuals that start each program learn social and emotional skills that help them in their day to day lives and stop self sabotaging behaviors – and it’s a privilege to be part of this result. 

If you are a healthcare or educational professional that has a child that you think would benefit from the program, please get in touch.  If, as a parent or carer, you would like enquire about your child participating in the program, please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss.

"You have helped me learn ways to calm my mind and be kinder with my thoughts, my days feel happier,  Thank you." 

ONEness attendee.

Cancellation Policy:

Please email to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. 

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