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What is a Care Farm?

Welcome to Amitola Care Farm, a sanctuary where women and children can reconnect with nature, animals, and themselves in a safe environment. Our farm embraces a harmonious way of living with nature, providing a compassionate, connected, and creative space for all. Our animals are a mix of rescues and those chosen for their temperaments, all living natural lives and expressing their innate behaviors.

Care farming is a popular concept in Europe, with thousands of farms offering healing through participation in farm activities. In the United States, however, there are only a few. Our aim is to provide a safe haven for women and young people affected by trauma, with a special focus on abuse, grief, or loss. Here, they can participate, feel included, and accomplish meaningful tasks, all while being surrounded by nature.
Amitola Care Farm is a source of inspiration and empowerment for everyone. Join our family by following us on Facebook for updates on our latest developments. Let's work together to bring the care farming movement to the United States and make the world a better place. For more information on how you can join us, please email


Are you feeling low and in need of some comfort? Perhaps sadness, loneliness, stress, or fear have taken over. Remember, tough phases don't last forever. Our donkeys are here to offer you unconditional love and hugs. Spending time with them, meditating, brushing, and embracing them can provide reassurance, love, and fulfillment. By doing so, you will release oxytocin in your brain, which is also known as the "happy hormone". This means that after visiting Amitola, you will feel more peaceful in your heart. Let our donkeys help you feel more balanced and joyful.



Are you feeling down, lonely, stressed, or scared? Do you need a hug or some unconditional love? Come and heal with our therapy horses! Our mini horses offer hugs, meditation, and companionship. You can also brush and braid them while they reassure you and fill you up with love. These horses have a lot to teach us and can help you stay present in the moment. Relax and remember who you are and what you want to achieve in life. Experience the magic of Amitola Care Farm.

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Experience the joy and wonder of spending time with our beloved animal friends. In our barnyard, you will find a family of precious goats, chickens, ducks, llamas, cats, and dogs, some of whom have overcome their challenging pasts to find happiness. Delight in the sweet songs of the chickens, the fluffy softness of the llamas, and the playful energy of the goats. Meet Hope, our therapy puppy, and embrace the love and comfort she offers. Allow yourself to let go of your worries and rediscover your inner child as you bask in the laughter, smiles, and joy that await you at Amitola Care Farm.

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Animals have so much to teach, and nature is a perfect classroom to educate children about themselves and the world around them.



Are you planning an event for a group of 50 or more people? We warmly invite you to Amitola Care Farm, where you can enjoy the tranquil outdoor surroundings surrounded by trees, barns, and friendly animals. Our location is perfect for creating a memorable and peaceful experience for your event.



Transforming the lives of people who are healing from abuse, grief or from the loss of a loved one or a significant change in family structure.

Our programs helps build the resiliency of people experiencing life-altering events by providing them with knowledge, tools and skills to practice self-care and learn healthy ways to cope.​

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