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Calling Us Home

No upcoming events at the moment

Amitola Family seek love as their leader and wisdom as their guide.  They are passionate, collaborative, and diverse, inspiring and effective change-makers, healers, and transformational leaders dreaming and birthing a more beautiful world.  


Have you always had a longing for home, without knowing what that meant?

A safe & gentle space where you can be seen, heard and understood.
Acknowledged for those experiences that are happening throughout our lives with zero judgment.

Magic happens when we gather, as we have for thousands of years, to honor our uniqueness, share what’s really going on in our hearts, or just have a sacred space to get away for a while with no expectations.

Gathering in our Sacred Teepee allows for something magical to happen - Sisters and Brothers, hearts of all colors are able to gather, connect and simply BE - together. 

With Love, Amitola xo

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