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Campfire Conversations


Campfire Of The Heart provides the opportunity for women to come together to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are on their journey of transformation.


Our intention is to create a safe, compassionate virtual group online where women feel connected to one another and supported.

Our Group meets every Tuesday at 7 pm, please plan on arriving a few minutes early to settle in with a drink and feel comfortable.

Please bring an open mind and heart.  Let's create the time and space to connect, support, inspire, and empower one another.

Each week we shall explore different self-care topics.

Please enroll above to register your interest


We Offer Pay What You Choose

Accessible pricing is part of our heart-centered offering.  Please choose what you can afford for the value of our work. 


For One to One Sessions

For Yoga Sessions



For Weekly Workshop Class, per person, per week delivered on zoom, or in-person groups minimum of 6 people




How this works:

Team Amitola is grateful to do this work and make philanthropy and accessibility pricing key to our organization.


Top tier price: helps us to grow the non-profit and pay it forward to those without the means to pay.
Mid-tier: helps us towards coaching and operating costs.
Lower tier: helps us to cover coaching and basic costs.

Group tour time at Amitola:
1 hour private tour up to 2 people $175. Additional guests $50 each. 

Inquire for corporate & large group experiences.


With gratitude & respect, Katie and Team Amitola.

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